Marked is a dessert catering company specializing in custom cakes for weddings and special events, recipe development, food styling and culinary education.  I founded this company based on the principles of great food, unique design and creativity.  Since childhood, the kitchen was my playground where I’d cook with my mom, experimenting with all sorts of tastes and smells.  I quickly developed my passion for creative cooking and baking.  After graduating from university, I apprenticed with a local cake decorator while working at a bank.  It wasn’t too long before I headed overseas where I trained in the art of pastry to gain the knowledge that help me make your creations as delicious as they are beautiful.

Take some time and look around at what MARKED has to offer.

But before I forget, let me tell you about the story of the spiral symbol that signifies MARKED. One summer day when I was a toddler, I insisted on being my mom’s kitchen helper. Rather than wait for dinner, I snuck my way to the stove and propped myself up on a stool.  The result was a burn that ended up branding my hand, as well as my company.